KaviKrishna Prakash (KKP)

Research plan on ‘Ejon Bigganir Hinduwa Jatra’ : Based on the book’s concept and insights of Dr. Bikul’s journey the students of KaviKrishna planned to make the book as a topic of research. As per the plan, two students from Philosophy department, Guwahati University has come forward to be a part of the research. Both the students, Rupam Das and Pranay Jyoti Das have started the research work with objective 1. The first objective is to collect feedbacks on the book from different intellectuals of Assam and do a thematic analysis. The students are working on the further objectives of the research by connecting Indian Philosophy to Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS), which is the principle of the book.

Bengali Translation of ‘Ejon bigganir Hindutwa Jatra’ : The content of the book leads to find a new definition of Hindutwa through author’s journey. The author’s experience on regaining the Hindutwa feeling through a Rikvedik, scientific and philosophical journey may show several paths to different communities of India to gather knowledge and utilize it in self development. Keeping this as a motive or objective we are planning to publish the book in different popular language of India. We have given the Bengali translation and distribution responsibility to Mr. Pabitra Pal and Bipasha Pal, who has been involving in this field since many years. They are the parents of our lab member Ms. Bidisha Pal and so, also very enthusiastic and passionate about the author’s journey towards Hindutwa journey. Renown scientist Dr. Asok Mukhopadhyai finally proof read the whole book and provided his feedback. The work on Bengali translation is started and expect to publish the book in the begin of the next financial year. We are also looking forward to publish the book in Hindi language in the next year.

Publication of second edition of "Sonali Nokhor Jui" : Sonali Nokhor Jui, a collection of poems written by Krishna Ram Das. This poetry book has a great influience in the initiation of KaviKrishna and it's research goal. The first edition was published on 1991. Dr. Bikul Das, scientist and founding director of the organisation was influenced by his poem "Sonali Nokhor Jui" and got the idea on vedic altruism and altruistic stem cell.

Publication of ‘Ejon Bigyanir Hindutva Jatra’ : This is a book based on the insights of Dr Bikul Das was the first published Assamese book by KKP. The book has the cognizance of Dr Bikul Das on Hindutva through his beautiful journey in Land of Thunder Dragon Bhutan. This fabulous book also imbibes the experiences of Dr Bikul Das with people of Assam, Bhutan, and Canada as a Philosopher, Doctor and Scientist. The writer has been writing the book since 17 years and was worked upon for its finishing touches in the month of November and December 2018. Dr. Ms Lekhika Pathak worked as a publisher from KKP to the best outcome of the book to serve science, knowledge and humanity at KaviKrishna Laboratory, GBP, IIT-Guwahati by coordinating with Dr. Bikul through email and whatsapp. KaviKrishna Prakash has associated with many new faces throughout the journey towards the publication of the book. These people include DTP operator Gokul Das, Nokul Roy, Sankar Das, Kishor Das, Dipankar Medhi, Distributor Navajyoti Maral and Shyamadeep Boruah, owner, Bharat Press. Another important contributor for the completion of the book is Sailen Choudhury who has completed the printing of the book within time.

Establishment of KaviKrishna Prakash (KKP) : As per our memorandum of association, we have been planning to start the publishing house to encourage the new writers with new ideas. And finally this year, December, 2018 we have initiated KaviKrishna Prakash as publication house for publishing books, magazine or news articles related to the field of science, research, socio-biological science and knowledge emergence. As an integral part of KaviKrishna, KaviKrishna Prakash would also contribute towards the field of literature, science, social awareness, and humanities. Visionary Dr Bikul Das, Director, KaviKrishna and Ms Lekhika Pathak, Research Coordinator, KaviKrishna along with KaviKrishna team were the pioneers of the division.