Our Team

Principal Investigator

Dr Bikul Das

Evolutionary link between stem cells, cancer and microbes,Stem Cell Altruism,Developing an in vitro model to study stem cell altruism, Regenerative Medicine

Director, Senior Scientist, Principal investigator

Email: bdas@kavikrishnalab.org


Dr Debabrat Baishya

Microbial biotechnology, Nanomaterials, Natural products and drug discovery

Co-Research Investigator (Affiliated to Gauhati University)

Email: drdbaishya@gmail.com

Dr Sandhya Sorra, ICMR_RA

To Understand MYC-Hif2α stemness mechanism in cancer stem cells during Cancer Progression and targeted therapy using herbal chemopreventive drugs

Senior Research Associate, ICMR-RA Fellow

Email: sorrasandhya3@gmail.com

PhD Students

Dr. Anuja Dutta

She is working under Dr. Bikul Das in connecting Microbiome and Cancer

MD, Resident Physician, KTC

Email: anuja2011.jps@gmail.com

Shirsajit Mitra

Research focus on inherent altruistic property of stem cells (mesenchymal stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells) in Bone Marrow (BM) Niche and its potential role in hematologic malignancies.

Research Scholar

B.Tech Biotechnology-Amity University

Email: mitra.shirsajit@gmail.com

Rupam Das

Interested in Research related to Philosophical aspect of Bioethics and Indegenious Knowledge System

Research Student and Medical Humanities Team (KTC/KKM/JUT) Coordinator

Email: rupamslkdas@gmail.com

Tutumoni Baishya

Explore the clinical study of the cancer through interaction with cancer patients and TB patient

Physician Assistant Trainee/ Research Student

Email: tutu.monibaishya@gmail.com

Partha Jyoti Saikia

Interested in Altruistic Stem Cell Research, MDR Tb, Molecular Mechanism of Oral Microbiome induced Carcinogenesis

PhD Scholar

Research Scholar at Guwahati University since 2019

Email: parthojyoti93@gmail.com

Lekhika Pathak

Drug development for dormant TB and metastatic Cancer by exploring the altruistic mechanism of embryonic stem cell, mesenchymal stem cell and hematopoietic stem cell

Chief Operating Officer & Senior Research Fellow. External & Part-time Phd Scholar at IIT Guwahati

Research Scholar at Indian Institute Of Technology since 2019

Email: plekhika@iitg.ac.in

Seema Bhuyan

Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with Microrganisms and study of Moecular Mechanisms involved

Lab Manager

Research Scholar at Guwahati University since 2015

Email: sema.bhuyan@gmail.com


Jayshree Garhyan

Study of bone marrow intracellular niche of M. tuberculosis in Cornell model of dormancy

Former Research Scholar at KaviKrishna Laboratory. Completed her PhD from JNU in 2016 under co-guideship of Dr. Bikul Das

Email: jgarhyan@gmail.com

Bidisha Pal

Cancer Stem Cell- stromal cells interactions/ Tumor microenvironment/ Cancer stem cell self-renewal/ Cancer therapy drug resistance

Associate Member of Scientific Committee at KaviKrishna

Email: bidisha89.pal@gmail.com

Sukanya Gayan

Tumour behaviour under different Stress conditions using spheriod model

Former Research Student. Associate Member of Scientific committee at KaviKrishna Laboratory

Email: sukanya.gayan@gmail.com

Dr Joyeeta Talukdar

Basic Cancer Research related to understanding the Altruistic Mechanism. Translation Medicine where one gets to interact with patients and try to find out the problems for betterment of oncology treatments in India.

Former Research Scholar at KaviKrishna Laboratory.Currently Associate Member of Scientific committee at KaviKrishna Laboratory

Email: joyeetatalukdar4@gmail.com

Other Members

Sonali Das

Interested in the development of a Medical Humanities Program based on the Indigenous Knowledge System

International Research Intern

Email: sonalisdas14@gmail.com

Sailen Baishya

Interested to Organize Networking for KaviKrishna Muga Museum and KaviKrishna Telemedicine Care

Pre-Phd Trainee

Email: sbsualkuchi@gmail.com

Gokul Das

Interested in Assamese Literature and work related to KaviKrishna Prakash

Scientific Assistant

Email: 19gokul.das@gmail.com

Nihar Ranjan Das

Interested in work related to Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients through Sericulture, Research in Tuberculosis and Cancer

Physician Assistant Trainee/ Research Student

Email: nrdas91@gmail.com