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"Using stem cells-microbial interaction to understand global health diseases including cancer"

-In an interview with Arnab Goswami from Times Now , Dr. Das,
founder director of KaviKrishna quoted the following in 2013

“I am interested in the deep evolutionary link between stem cells, cancer and microbes,” said Das. “If we can learn how to control the altruistic behavior of stem cells, we will have a new weapon in our disease fighting arsenal.”

What's Happening

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Master's course on Indian Knowledge System by KaviKrishna

This Master's degree curriculum on IKS has been developed based on decades of experiences of learning, reflecting, researching, and doing fieldwork on the Indian Knowledge System, which culminated in writing two books, and several papers, and training four PhD students on IKS-related bio-medical research. This is an interdisciplinary course for Master's Degree for Indian Knowledge System. The course is already ongoing in the KaviKrishna Centre for Indian Knowledge System at Sualkuchi

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The Medical Humanities team of KaviKrishna participated in the NCGV at IIT-Guwahati

The Medical Humanities team of KaviKrishna participated in the ‘National Conference of Gau-Vigyan and in modern life and medical science’ at IIT-Guwahati, which was organized by the Centre for Indian Knowledge System (IKS) of IIT-Guwahati in association with Bharatiya Govansh Rakshan Samvardhan Parishad (BGRSP). The students have participated in oral as well as poster presentation and interacted with the researcher/social worker and scientists working in different field of IKS. This team mainly work in the Sualkuchi campus of KaviKrishna and work with Star as well as rural community networks. Rupam Das, one of the student has received best poster award on.

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KaviKrishna's first International Intern, Sonali Das: Five Months in the Medical Humanities and Indigenous Knowledge System program

Sonali Das, a high school graduate to begin attending Bowdoin College in September 2023, is KaviKrishna’s first international intern. From January 2023-June 2023, Sonali worked at our telemedicine clinic (KTC) and upcoming Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS) department located in Sualkuchi. Since September 2022, she has been editing her father’s book, “Reviving the Spirit of Jiva Upkara Tantra,” which she was able to further improve based on her research conducted as she lived in the village, visited local community centers, and engaged in festivals and travel related to the history of Kamrupa. She also co-coordinated multiple cultural and linguistic initiatives, such as the Yuva Sangam Muga Museum visit of 180 Indian students, a two-day workshop on spoken English at the local SBMS college, and KaviKrishna’s first international student week-long internship, with Prerna Karmacharya and Alexander Payne from the USA. After working for five months with graduate students to develop a Medical Humanities program proposal, Sonali Das prepared and gave an oral presentation at IIT-Guwahati’s National Gau-Vigyan Conference. She is now back in the USA, engaging with the Thoreau Lab for Global Health to develop the Medical Humanities program and create an Indo-American bridge connecting KaviKrishna to Walden Pond.

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Yuva Sangam with KaviKrishna Living Muga Museum

A group of 190 Students from different parts of India visited KaviKrishna Living Muga Museum in collaboration with IIT-Guwahati to learn about the Indigenous Knowledge System-based Muga Culture of Sualkuchi. The event was co-coordinated by Lekhika Pathak, Rupam Das, Sonali Das, Mallika Maral, Pragya Dutta, and Sailen Baishya. The students visited KaviKrishna Living Muga Museum of Tantipara where they saw the whole process of creating a Muga chador mekhela, from the cocoons to the looms. In this way, they were exposed to Muga weaving as not just a profession, but as an art. They also listened to presentations given by four prospective PhD students of the Medical Humanities to learn more about KaviKrishna's effort and work regarding their research and its application towards the Indigenous Knowledge System of Kamrup. Afterwards, the students went shopping in the streets of Sualkuchi and bought a total of more than 40,000 rupees worth of items. Their enthusiasm and the success of the event shows the promising future of KaviKrishna's Muga, Medical Humanities, and tourism projects.

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Publication: PhD Scholar Mrs. Seema Bhuyan's manuscript published in Frontiers in Immunology journal

Congratulations Seema Bhuyan on being able to publish your first author PhD paper in Frontiers in Immunology (IF 8.7). Congratulations Partha Jyoti Saikia and Shirsajit Mitra for your first peer reviewed publication from the lab. The study shows how cancer stem cells can be killed in the hypoxia region by activating a pathogen induced stem cell niche defense mechanism.

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PhD Scholar Ms. Lekhika Pathak's poster presentation at 37th SITC Annual Conference held in Boston, MA, USA

Our PhD Scholar Lekhika Pathak presented her poster at the 37th Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs of Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) held at Boston, MA, USA from 8th-12th November. She was the only one from #India to present her poster at the Conference. Her poster caught attention of renowned immunologists from across the world and we are super proud. Congratulations Lekhika for your successful efforts in your first international conference presentation.

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BSc Biotech and Microbiology students from different colleges attends a presentation on KTC

A group of BSc Biotech and Microbiology students from Cotton University, Assam and Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenery College, West Bengal are undergoing a research training program (July batch, 2022) at KaviKrishna Lab. As Part of training syllabus, they have visited KTC and interacted with KTC staff, volunteers and patients. Tutumoni Baishya, Telemedicine Coordinator delivered a presentation on how KTC functions in managing cancer and non cancer patients at KTC

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Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur BSc. Biotechnology student visit to KaviKrishna Telemedicine Care & KaviKrishna Living Muga Museum

A BSc Biotechnology student from Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur completed her research training program (June batch, 2022) on cancer biology at KaviKrishna lab. As part of the training, she visited KaviKrishna Telemedicine Care & KaviKrishna Living Muga Museum, interacted with our researchers, muga weavers about our work on rehabilitation of Cancer patients and their family members by reviving the ancient muga silk culture

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KaviKrishna awarded the best exhibitor at NERC 2022

Among 300 exhibitors, KaviKrishna was awarded the best exhibitor under the grassroot research category in NERC 2022 held at IIT Guwahati

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Dr. Bikul Das invited as Keynote Speaker in North East Research Conclave 2022

Dr. Das gave a talk on "A Vedic Jiva Upakara Tantra (Vedic Altruism) based telemedicine approach for rural health care in India

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Felicitation of Covid-19 volunteers by KaviKrishna for their diligent work done in the lockdown phase

During the second wave of Covid-19 KaviKrishna Telemedicine Care with its 35 volunteers took care more about 1500 Covid-19 patients with the Indigenous Knowledge System based Home Care plan in Sualkuchi-Hajo area. It includes health consultations over telephonic conversations, medicine distribution, Covid-19 booklet distribution, pulse oximeter distribution.

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Dr. Bikul Das invited as Guest Topic Editor for a special Issue :Stem cells, microbes, and cancer" in Frontiers in Immunology Journal

The Frontiers in Immunology journal (Impact Factor 8.786) invited Dr. Das to launch a special issue on the topic "Stem cells, microbes, and cancer". The journal wanted to promote the idea of stem cell niche defense as developed by Dr. Das and team

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Dr. Bikul Das invited as Guest Speaker for 41st Annual International Conference of Indian Association of Cancer Research 2022

Dr. Das gave a talk on "The hypoxic niche of cancer stem cells: The site of Tumor Stemness Switch"

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Interaction Session between KaviKrishna Telemedicine Care and Assam Healthcare Cooperative Society.

The aim of the session was to discuss about patient welfare service. Dr. Jayanta Biswa Sharma, eminent physician and Vice Chairman of Assam Healthcare Cooperative Society Ltd, interacted with the members and volunteers of KTC.

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KaviKrishna Lab's new lab space at IIT Guwahati Research Park

Kavikrishna Lab has setup a 1000 sq.ft lab space at IITGRP.

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MoU with Nemcare Group of Institutions (NIPS)

NETES Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (NIPS), Nemcare Group of Institutions Santipur, Mirza, Kamrup, Assam and KaviKrishna Laboratory, IIT Guwahati Research Park, Guwahati, Assam signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 12th February 2022. The MOU was signed to promote co-operation in academic education and research in the field of biological science.

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Cotton University BSc. MBBT students' visit to KaviKrishna Muga Museum.

The students were given an overview of the therapeutic aspect of Muga and how it is processed for silk production.

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Launch of "Covid'or Biruddhe KaviKrishnar Sankhanad" Book

Dr. Das has shared his experience on providing telemedicine care service to over 700+ COVID +ve patients in rural Kamrup district. The book also consists of the primary measures to be followed by patients who are diagnosed with COVID-19.

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Initiation of Post-Primary Tuberculosis of the Lungs

Initiation of Post-Primary Tuberculosis of the Lungs: Exploring the Secret Role of Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells

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Kavikrishna's breakthrough findings on coronavirus: Implication in COVID-19

Corona virus activates a stem cell mediated defense mechanism that accelerates activation of dormant tuberculosis: implications for the COVID-19 pandemic

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Dr. Bikul Das narrated the journey of KaviKrishna Laboratory from Vedic Altruism to Stem cell altruism in North East Science Movement

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Dr. Das as Keynote Speaker in Techniche

Dr. Bikul Das was invited as the Keynote speaker in the Lecture Series during Techniche 2019, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Guwahati.

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Inauguration of Baidik Path

Hem Bhai has inaugurated an ancient Baidik Silk Path at Sualkuchi on 3rd Feb, 2020. This road connect ancient Kamrupa and Tibbat.

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Mahindri Divas Celebration

KaviKrishna has celebrated Mahindri divas for second time on 14th March. Mahindri Das is the patron of the organisation. The team members of KaviKrishna has initiated and organised herbal plantation at SriSri Iswar Hatisatra ground on this precious occasion. The Deka Satradhikar Sri Rajib Losan Santa has inaugarated the program by planting herbal medicinal plant.

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Arya College Exhibition

Communicated and presented our cancer research, cancer patient rehabilitation with cancer patients of BBCI and students, teachers of the colleges.

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Lecture on Vedic Altruism Awarded

A lecture on Vedic Altruism by Lekhika Pathak, a PhD student of KaviKrishna Laboratory was awarded the Best Lecture at the 8th International Translational Cancer Research Conference at Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi. The lecture was on how the idea of Vedic Altruism is leading to finding of different stemness pathaways in cancer stem cell.

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Sahitya Sabha Stall exhibition

KaviKrishna has given a stall in Assam Sahitya Sabha, 75th Sualkuchi Adhibeshon. We presented our works on literature, Philosophy and Science together. Research Students of KaviKrishna showed fixed cancer cells under microscopes to the visitors, where most of the visitors/students get attracted. People were very excited to see the muga cocoons and pure muga cloths.

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KaviKrishna Living museum

It is functional now. People from different places of India and students of educational institutes are visiting the museum. Our demonstrator is delivering lectures and demonstrating the students.

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Sonali Nokhor Jui

It has been published on 3rd Feb, 2020 during Assam Sahitya Sabha, Sualkuchi Adhibeshon. Hem Bhai inaugurated the Book in the "Sunali Nokhor Jui": Krishna Ram Das Kabi Sanmilan.

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